8 Advantages of implementing DocShifter for Qualified Digital Sealing

8 Advantages of implementing DocShifter for Qualified Digital Sealing

1.    Fast implementation time

The setup of the sealing solution is very rapid, be it with a hybrid architecture or as a full cloud service. The most time-consuming elements are in the integration with existing systems, requiring input and possibly integration efforts from internal IT teams. Due to the standard and flexible ingestion possibilities DocShifter offers, the need for custom coding remains very limited.

2.     Lower investment and recurring costs

The cloud/hybrid architecture leverages cloud services for the storage, maintenance and compliance requirements around the qualified certificates, qualified sealing devices and qualified time stamp services. These otherwise significant investments are included in the transactional fees on a pay-as-you-use principle, drastically lowering investment costs on infrastructure and recurring fixed costs.

3.     Location/Device independence

The sealing service is available independent of the device of the user in the organization, without need of tokens, card readers or such. Integrated with applications generating/storing documents as well as provided as a service to end users, for example as a virtual printer.

4.     Compliance respect

The Trusted Service Provider(s) used are certified by the eIDAS regulations on qualified trust service providers and thus you can rest assured that the services provided are compliant with these regulations. Furthermore, the burden of keeping up with the European legislation (still ongoing) is the responsibility of the service provider and you can concentrate on your core business instead.

5.     High availability

High availability can be assured on different levels, both for a hybrid and full cloud solution: DocShifter supports multiple concurrent instances and the Trusted Third Party provides several levels of availability, thereby guaranteeing over the entire process that no single point of failure exists. Furthermore, in a full cloud setup, you do not need to worry about this as it’s all part of the service provided.

6.     Security

The management of the private keys and certificates needs to be done in a highly secure and audited infrastructure. Together with the annual renewal of certificates, this can prove to be quite a burden. With the DocShifter solution, this is managed as a black box for the customer.

7.     Confidentiality

The DocShifter solution makes sure that information does not leave the organization when choosing a hybrid setup (where DocShifter is working on premise and only the hashes are exchanged with the Trusted Third Party). As from hashing the original information cannot be restored, this provides a safe and highly confidential process, including if you are bound to geographic limitations on information exchange.

8.     Scalability

DocShifter can be set up highly scalable, and has the capacity to run in parallel many thousands of documents per hour. When designing your solution, additional transformation steps can be configured, such as PDF/A transformation or OCRing which may need additional resources. Therefore, systems are designed to be able to manage the normal daily load and address peak situations (e.g. end of the month volumes) as well. With the cloud solution, scalability is assured and even the DocShifter cloud solution could be as failover of your on premise parts.

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