Part III: The Switzerland of Modern Rendering: Centralize document conversion in one platform

The Switzerland of Rendering

The present read has explained why modern rendering is more than just having the right technology in place. We have also described how our three guiding principles can improve your existing document conversion processes.

To make all of the above happen, there are a few criteria that your technology systems in place need to be able to cope with: scalability, speed, connectivity, and easy deployment.

We will now focus on those technical features that a rendering system needs to have in order to be truly modern.

Enter DocShifter.Accelerate your rendition results

Why wait for a document to be rendered? With the rendering process typically being one of the final steps just before the submission, ensuring a fast time to market is crucial at this point. So, you want the document rendering speed to be lightning fast.

That is exactly what we can assist you with. Render more than 150 10-page-documents to technically compliant PDF in less than a minute. Delight your customers with an improved conversion speed by up to 10x compared to other existing solutions on the market.

No memory leaks or other manual interventions to slow you down or increase the risk of non-compliance. Faster performance translates into faster renditions. Automated and risk-free.

Increase your enterprise scalability

To deal with growing workloads, it is essential to have an infrastructure that scales up and down as needed. A system that can run on any platform (Linux, Windows) and aims for maximum scalability using a Docker container. You need a system that grows with your needs during peak loads.

GIF explaining docshifter scalability thanks to document container platforms

To deal with growing workloads, you need a system that is built to scale. A system that can run on any platform (Linux, Windows) – or even virtual (in a Docker container). You need a system that grows with your needs during peak loads.

Moreover, DocShifter easily connects to all your existing document repositories, either via a native integration, or a web API. We enhance the capabilities of your RIM or document management platform. We are neutral and integrate with the systems that are in place. That’s why we are often called “the Switzerland of modern rendering”. 

Using this architecture type, you can ensure that multiple business units and departments share the same platform while solving any inconsistency issues. Scale your IT infrastructure only when you need it. Automated and risk-free.

Benefit from an easy-to-use system

DocShifter recognizes the incoming file formats automatically and no user intervention is required. The administrator uses an intuitive web interface to create workflows for your documents. This workflow is tailored to your needs and follows three major guidelines: 

  • where do the documents reside (Input); 
  • what do we want to do with them (Transformation); and 
  • where do they go after transformation (Output). 

Once you define an automated workflow, you can store these configurations and reuse them later on for maximum efficiency. 

In addition, DocShifter comes with predefined configurations that are set up to ensure technical compliance with the specifications of the various HAs (FDA, PMDA, EMA, etc.). Reduce manual labor and minimize the risk of human error. 

Aim for the lowest total cost of ownership possible

By design, DocShifter does not require any native applications to create the rendition. This means that you don’t need to worry about any risks or licensing costs associated with setting up and maintaining any rendering platforms. No need to have individual tools on every desktop. Through centralization, we have seen customers saving up to $500.000 per year, in licensing costs alone.

Additionally, DocShifter can help you to drastically reduce your current IT infrastructure and related costs. Most of our customers handle the same workload with only a third of the servers they previously needed. Doing more with less resources. 

Capterra testimonial from Piyush J. - Large pharmaceutical company

And there is a lot more than just PDF

DocShifter can handle +300 incoming and outgoing file formats. This opens endless document conversion scenarios.

  • Have you recently acquired another company, and now you need to migrate hundreds of thousands of files? Or maybe you are actively collaborating with partner organizations? Why not standardize all of these external incoming files and update them to the latest file format? Generate thumbnails on the fly.
  • Email is a growing source of incoming information. Do you need to keep track of all your conversations with the regulatory authorities? Automatically convert your incoming emails and their attachments to a standard format and store these centrally.
  • Are you building an enterprise archive and want to reduce your dependence on native applications? Convert your critical business information to future proof formats like PDF/A or TIFF to guarantee long-term access to your company’s intellectual property.

Modern rendering allows you to enrich your documents, add watermarks, and pagination where needed. You can automatically merge or split documents from multiple sources as needed. You get the guarantee that all of your hyperlinks and table of contents will be correctly colored and styled.

DocShifter is an all-in-one document conversion solution that can automatically generate technically compliant, submission-ready PDFs. Save time and money. Eliminate manual intervention. Reduce the risks of non-compliance and of receiving an RTF.

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About DocShifter

Speed, quality, scalability, and configurability are reasons why Life Sciences organizations choose DocShifter to generate technically compliant, submission-ready PDF. High volume, high-quality document conversion, on-premises, or in the cloud. Super easy to set up. Automate. Centralize. Eliminate manual intervention. Reduce Risk. Reduce IT infrastructure costs.


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