DocShifter is Moving to Grow

DocShifter is Moving to Grow

Move To Grow

Exciting times ahead for the DocShifter team, with the upcoming move to our new office! 

Some people have asked us: ‘Why are you moving?’. On one side reasons are purely practical, on the other they are related to our growth, so now is a great time to share these with you.

The practical side. After +10 years in our office, it is about time for something new. Our furniture was outdated, we lacked meeting rooms, it was simply getting too small.

In addition, many of our visitors have expressed the challenges they faced when trying to get to our office that was located in the so called “The Loop”. Our visitors called it: ‘The eternal Loop’, because it was not easy to get in and out of. And since the ease of use is high on our agenda, that’s something we wanted to address.

The growth side. Over the last year, we continued on our steady growth path. Not only did we double our revenue numbers, we signed new customers on 3 continents (Asia, US, and Europe) and signed new partnerships all across the world. The team doubled (and we are adding even more development brains shortly!), and so did website traffic (although that element does not require more office space).

We realize that we could not have made this happen without you, our customers & partners, and strong DocShifter team supporting this growth. Thank you very much for all the support & drive.

Looking forward to meet you in our new offices,