DocShifter starts 2018 with a new CEO and a clear focus on growth.


In December 2017, Geert Van Peteghem was appointed CEO of DocShifter. At the same time, the Ghent based company introduced its new future strategy for marketing its document transformation platform on a wider scale. By doing so, the company firmly intends to fly out from under the wings of the company where it all started, Docbyte.

Growing demand for DocShifter from abroad

Under the leadership of the new CEO Geert Van Peteghem, DocShifter will employ a clear sales focus in 2018. In the past, the DocShifter platform has systematically expanded within the structure of Docbyte. “We see constant growth in demand for our document transformation platform”, says Van Peteghem. DocShifter wants to continue this growth with existing partners and enter international markets.

We have come to the point where we want to put DocShifter on the market as a fully-fledged, independent solution. We are continuing to look beyond just Belgium in this context. Today, half of our customer base is international already.”

Photo: Geert Van Peteghem

Geert Van Peteghem

Geert Van Peteghem

Modular solution for document transformation

DocShifter is a modular platform for converting documents from one format to another. It offers unique solutions for numerous specific markets that are involved with primarily regulated document management and content requirements, such as the pharmaceutical, other life sciences and financial sectors. DocShifter can also offer significant added value to government authorities and public institutions, which often have to process large volumes of documents.

What makes DocShifter unique is that since its inception in 2007, the solution has always maintained a very close presence to the customers”, says the new CEO with pride. “The platform was created and is further developed today based on our customers’ real needs. As it is a modular platform, any customer can compile a tailor-made solution. We want to make the document transformation and generation process as easy as possible for our customers.”

An injection of knowledge and expertise

Geert Van Peteghem is certainly not a new face in the sector. He worked at EMC for 12 years, where he discovered the qualities of Docbyte and DocShifter as valuable partners for its Documentum solutions. In his career, he has worked in ICT sales and marketing and gained experience in the management of large technology players both in local and international markets. He therefore introduces a significant amount of knowledge and expertise into the Ghent company. Paul Ireland was recently appointed as VP Life Sciences where he will be the key player for the development of the life sciences vertical for DocShifter. With more than twenty years of experience in this market, he is the ideal person to help drive the growth of DocShifter.