Check out the new features and improvements of DocShifter 6.1

DocShifter 6.1

We are pleased to announce the release of DocShifter 6.1. This updated version contains a slew of powerful new features. Read on to learn more about the upgraded DocShifter enterprise content transformation platform.

  • A REST service for synchronous transformation requests: This feature makes sure that when sending a transformation through a web service, you now receive a result back from the web service.
  • Timeouts on document processing: This configurable feature lets you indicate how long a transformation may take before it gets interrupted.
  • Notification system for processing events: DocShifter now uses different channels to send notifications (Email, SNMP traps, Webhooks, …).

And last but not least, there has been an improvement in all underlying transformation libraries. These have been upgraded to the newest version so that all current transformations are up to date to modern standards.

Interested in DocShifter as a document compliance solution? Then reach out to us via and we’ll set up a meeting to map your needs.