Digital Sealing

How to protect your business against fraud with a digital seal

As our ways of doing business become more and more digital, paper document streams are increasingly unproductive and slow down the overall processes on which financial organizations spend lots of money optimizing. On the other hand, with increased digital document exchange, how can your clients really be sure that the invoice they received is indeed the correct one and hasn’t been victim to fraud? Or how can you prove that a contract was signed by you? Read more

Document Conversion

Why your organization should shift

Do you have any idea how much files your employees download, store, share, upload and send every day? Probably not, and maybe you do not want to know, but you can be sure it will be a lot! And that’s exactly why you better make sure they can do it in the most efficient way possible.
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Index Rendition Documentum

How to add an index rendition to your documents in Documentum

When speaking of document transformation, people mostly think about converting a document from one type to another, while preserving all the data from the source document. However, this is not always required. DocShifter thinks one step beyond basic transformation and answers specific needs you might encounter. In this post I will explain how DocShifter can be used to generate an index rendition, which contains all the textual content from conventional and less conventional documents stored in Documentum. Read more

File Conversion Platform

How and why to integrate DocShifter with Captiva

In this blogpost I’ll clarify several features of Captiva Capture and I’ll discuss the pros and cons of their import module. Secondly I’ll shed light on the successful integration of Captiva and DocShifter, which offers a Capture solution. Lastly, I’ll illustrate some extra benefits DocShifter brings to the table.
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