Why and how to preserve your digital archive?

Digital Archiving - Long Term Digital Preservation

The volume of digital information is increasing at warp-time speed. Whether created as a result of the digitising of non-digital collections, as a digital publication or artwork, or as an inherent part of the day-to-day business of an organisation or individual, more and more information is being created digitally and the pace at which it is being created is accelerating.

And this is perfectly understandable considering the well-known benefits and opportunities of digital information: precise replication, machine processing, online content, … And yet at the same time this rapidly increasing collection of digital information introduces hordes of difficulties with regard to the viability of these digital documents and the long-term accessibility to the valuable information stored in all these documents. The life span of digital storage media can be surprisingly short, and the rapid evolution of rendering software technology can threaten future access. This life span problem means that planning needs to go into how to preserve your digital archive.