Why your organization should shift

Why your organization should shift

Do you have any idea how much files your employees download, store, share, upload and send every day? Probably not, and maybe you do not want to know, but you can be sure it will be a lot! And that’s exactly why you better make sure they can do it in the most efficient way possible.

What is the best file format?

Did you know you can save an enormous amount of time and money by providing your employees with the best tools and by working with the most appropriate file formats? The number of existing file formats is literally uncountable. And each file format has its own characteristics, strengths and flaws. The choice of the right file format depends on several elements:

  1. Which kind of data are we talking about? Does the file contain text, images, video, music, programming source code, script code, or other data? Or maybe your file contains several sorts of data combined.
  2. What is your intention with the respective file? Do you want to store, read, play, edit, upload, archive or share it?
  3. Does the data in your file need to be secured and protected? Or should it be easy accessible and editable for everyone?
  4. Does your file need to be compatible with any operating system?
  5. Do you want to limit the size of the file?

Shift to the best file format

Most organizations are not demanding when it comes to the file formats they use. They just use the most common file formats as the logical extension of their software tools. The best example is the Microsoft Office package. Although Word is a good program for word processing, text editing and file formatting, a Word-file (.docx) is not the best format for storage, archiving, sending sensitive and private data.

And yet organizations around the globe keep on using Word-files for exactly the above mentioned activities. These organizations could certainly benefit from a solution that is able to shift from one file format to another with hardly no effort or delay. By giving your data the most appropriate file format in each of its “life phases”, you are working as efficient as you can in terms of storage space, server processing speed, person handling time and future proof file formatting.

Future-proof file format shifting

DocShifter can promise you exactly that and much more. It is a software solution designed for future-proof efficiency. You can shift any input file format to any output file format of your choice. So DocShifter can do much more than just convert docx to PDF. The list of file formats that belong to the DocShifter package seems endless. And even if you need a file format that is not included, the DocShifter platform can easily be extended thanks to its modular plug-and-play concept. This automatically means that you are safe and set for the future!

Another strong feature of the DocShifter platform is that it works independent of the native applications of source- and goal file formats. This means you do not have to worry about the costs of expensive software tools and licenses.

Do you have special needs concerning archiving, document rendering or file format conversion? DocShifter surely knows how to handle them. Whatever it is you are looking for: a file format that is readable for any possible operating system, a file format suited for sensitive legal data, a file format for efficient archiving without losing the document formatting data or a file format that is capable of safely securing your digital documents. DocShifter can work the magic!

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