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Do you want to automate
your document conversion?

Enterprises work with a lot of documents in different formats: Word, PDF, JPG, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF/A, TIFF, audio and video files.

These documents need to be converted for many reasons: sharing & collaboration, standardization, customer communication, archiving and regulatory compliance.

Or simply because today’s systems have difficulties working with older formats.

Converting between formats happens manually, which is inefficient, slow, inconsistent and expensive. Different tools are used to convert documents throughout the organization. 

High volume document and PDF conversion does not have to be slow, manual or expensive.

Automate your document conversion with DocShifter

1. Connect & create

Connect your content repositories, and create your document conversion workflows. DocShifter supports your existing systems thanks to open API.

2. Convert your documents

DocShifter will automatically convert the input documents to an output format of your choice. You can also generate multiple output files from a single source document.

3. Enrich the output according to your needs

Do you need to add watermarks, header and footers, security options and more? DocShifter automates document enrichment for you as well.

Connect your different content repositories to Docshifter to speed up and simplify your document conversion

4. Send the output to wherever you want it to go

Once the documents are converted, send the output back to the systems. Automatically.

Advanced PDF conversion capabilities
with our enterprise PDF conversion software

cost effective document converter

Save valuable time and money

Automatically convert hundreds of documents per minute and make sure no time is wasted manually fixing failed documents.

Save time and money by speeding up document conversion and reducing manual work.

lightning speed document conversion

Experience 10x faster document conversion

DocShifter does not need authoring applications (Microsoft Office, Adobe technology, etc.) to run and perform conversions. This significantly speeds up conversion speed and drastically reduces your licensing costs (for desktop or other required conversion tools).

enterprise scalability document converter

Scale up and down based on your needs

Document conversion is a resource intensive task, and some weeks/months require more computing power than the other. DocShifter autoscales with the help of Docker and Kubernetes, and brings high availability to enterprise document conversion.

flexible deployment document conversion

Centralized document conversion 1 platform throughout the enterprise

Stop with manually migrating documents from different content management systems into document conversion tools. Reduce risks, increase consistency, enhance compliance and speed up your document-related processes.

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How does automated and fast PDF conversion impact your operations?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DocShifter software?

DocShifter is an automated document conversion software. Designed for high volumes (to convert thousands or millions of documents), the software allows best-in-class conversion and enrichment options. The file conversions include but are not limited to: PDF, PDF/A, Word, TIFF, JPEG, PowerPoint, Excel and many more. Due to the modern architecture, the software does not need Microsoft Office or Adobe technology to run or perform conversions.

Your benefits? Reduce IT costs, reduce risks, automate and centralize document conversion. No matter where your content resides (eDMS, RIM, e-mail inboxes, local shares etc.).

High volume, high quality document conversion, on premises or in the cloud. Super easy to set up. Automate. Centralize. Eliminate manual intervention. Reduce risk. Reduce IT infrastructure costs.

For whom is DocShifter a good choice?

DocShifter is the ideal document and PDF conversion solution for organizations that want to:

  • Speed up PDF conversion and enrichment significantly for high volumes
  • Reduce manual work in creating and finalizing PDF files
  • Centralize document and PDF conversion in 1 platform
  • Create compliant PDFs (ISO-compliant or others)

DocShifter is being used by many small and large companies in different industries: pharmaceuticals, biotech, banking, insurance, aviation, human resources, IT consultancy and many more.

How does DocShifter speed up the conversion of file formats into PDF?

DocShifter doesn’t need authoring applications (Microsoft Office, Adobe technology etc.) installed to run or perform conversions. This speeds up PDF conversion drastically, and reduces your costs. 

Which systems can DocShifter connect to?

DocShifter has native integrations with OpenText Documentum, Veeva Vault, Microsoft SharePoint Cloud, Generis CARA, Lorenz Docubridge, File Systems, Dropbox and FTP.

It also supports any other system that allows Web Services API connections, such as IBM Filenet, Box, Alfresco etc.

Can I deploy DocShifter in a cloud environment?

DocShifter can be deployed anywhere: in a private, hybrid or public cloud. Furthermore, deploying DocShifter on Docker/Kubernetes allows for infinite scalability to handle peak loads. 

How about pricing?

DocShifter subscription pricing is server, volume and functionality based. To find out more about pricing, please drop us a note at

You can also use the live chatbot to get more pricing information.

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