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2 approaches to PDF conversion in 2021: Which one is for you?

How do you speed up PDF conversion
by 100% in 2021?

Your organization receives a high volume of documents from many different sources. All these documents need to be efficiently processed and integrated into existing workflows and systems.

Can anyone think of a better format than PDF for this job?

Today, many organizations use different tools and software to process these documents and to convert them to PDF for document standardization. These tools or software are too expensive, don’t scale, are not always compatible and require too much administration to deal with.

The question is: How do you speed up my PDF conversion and reduce my costs at the same time?

You will find the answer in the whitepaper.

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High volume PDF conversion does not have to be slow, manual or expensive.

Converting multiple file formats into PDF? 

It is likely that are you are converting different file formats into PDF. These formats include but are not limited to:

  • Scanned PDFs
  • TIFF images
  • Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more)
  • Pictures from mobile devices and tables
  • E-mails and attachments
  • HTML
  • ZIP files
  • AutoCAD files

These file formats likely like in different versions and document management systems. How can you work efficiently with all these different file formats and maintain a secure, modern IT system to allow document conversion?

To save costs and ensure unified document conversion, organizations need a modern PDF conversion software across the enterprise.

These input formats can be converted into documents that are fully searchable, readable, archivable and accessible. Saving you time and money.

Create faster, better customer experience

Customers lean towards vendors that provide the smoothest, fastest customer experience. This counts for you as well, if you want your business to stay competitive.

Document and PDF conversion lies at the heart of every organization and is widely used through the enterprise. Working with PDF is easy, efficient and common.

Automating the conversion of high volume documents into high quality PDF files, will result in higher revenue and better customer experience.

PDF conversion from multiple file formats into PDF - DocShifter PDF conversion software

Enter DocShifter: Advanced PDF capabilities
with our enterprise PDF conversion software

Add headers/footers in PDF output

Easily add headers/footers in PDF output, including job titles, company logos, pagination, watermarks, page numbers and many more.
Fully automated, without manual intervention.

DocShifter - the world's fastest any to any file conversion software - Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, PDF/A, image files and many more.

Content can reside in virtually any repository

We can connect to your systems and pull the files that need to be converted to high quality PDF files: File share, OpenText Documentum, Veeva Vault, Microsoft SharePoint, Dropbox, Box DMS, Hyland, Alfresco, Email systems, etc.

DocShifter - the world's fastest any to any file conversion software - Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, PDF/A, image files and many more.

Extremely fast PDF conversion speed

DocShifter doesn’t need authoring applications (MS Office or Adobe technology) to run, or to perform conversions.
This significantly speeds up PDF conversion speed.

DocShifter - the world's fastest any to any file conversion software - Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, PDF/A, image files and many more.

Merge multiple source files into 1 PDF

Automatically merge multiple source files from ZIP files, folders, Veeva binders, virtual documents in OpenText Documentum into one single PDF output after conversion.

Fully automated conversion of 300+ file formats

Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and more), Open Office, images, audio/video, AutoCAD files, scanned PDFs, TIFF images, faxes, HTML, ZIP files, e-mail any many more.

PDF fast web view optimization with DocShifter - easily view your PDFs in web browsers

Optimize for fast web view

Create PDFs that are optimized for fast web view.
Show your PDF internally and externally much easier and faster.

Secure your PDF files after rendition

Add security to the PDF output

Add security to the PDF output to prevent printing, copying etc. from the output file.
This provides a controlled copy of the original document for sharing, both internal and external.

Handle bookmarks automatically before creating a PDF: bookmark levels, zoom levels and many more with DocShifter PDF conversion software

Automatically create bookmarks in PDF

Bookmarks in PDF are created automatically from Word, PowerPoint, Excel. You don’t need to do these manually anymore, using PDF editing tools.
Saving you valuable time and reducing risks.

DocShifter - the world's fastest any to any file conversion software - Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, PDF/A, image files and many more.

Integrated OCR capabilities

Create a fully searchable, selectable PDF with our integrated OCR (optical character recognition) engine.
Rather than doing it separately, integrate OCR in your document conversion.
Save time, reduce manual work and risks. 

Unzip files automatically before converting them to high quality PDF files with DocShifter | Submission-ready PDF, enterprise PDF software.

Unzip multiple files & Convert all to PDF

Automatically unzip files during conversion and convert these individually to PDF or PDF/A.
With one click, without manual intervention.

How does automated and fast PDF conversion impact your operations?

Chris B. PeopleScout - Faster PDF conversion by DocShifter's PDF conversion software
How does fast and automated PDF conversion impact PeopleScout's operations?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DocShifter software?

DocShifter is an automated content and document conversion software. Designed for high volumes, the software allows best-in-class conversion and enrichment options. The file conversions include but are not limited to: PDF, PDF/A, Word, TIFF, JPEG, PowerPoint, Excel and many more. Due to the modern architecture, the software does not need Microsoft Office or Adobe technology to run or perform conversions. Reduce IT costs, reduce risks, automate and centralize document conversion. No matter where your content resides (eDMS, RIM, e-mail inboxes, local shares etc.).

High volume, high quality document conversion, on premises or in the cloud. Super easy to set up. Automate. Centralize. Eliminate manual intervention. Reduce risk. Reduce IT infrastructure costs.

For whom is DocShifter a good choice?

DocShifter is the ideal PDF conversion solution for organizations that are looking to:

  • Speed up PDF conversion and enrichment significantly for high volumes
  • Reduce manual work in creating and finalizing PDF files
  • Centralize document and PDF conversion in 1 platform
  • Create compliant PDFs (ISO-compliant or others)

DocShifter is being used by many small and large companies in different industries: pharmaceuticals, biotech, banking, insurance, aviation, human resources, IT consultancy and many more.

How does DocShifter speed up the conversion of file formats into PDF?

DocShifter doesn’t need authoring applications (Microsoft Office, Adobe technology etc.) installed to run or perform conversions. This speeds up PDF conversion drastically, and reduces your costs. 

You will find more information about how this approach generates PDFs quicker in our whitepaper.


Which systems can DocShifter connect to?

DocShifter has native integrations with OpenText Documentum, Veeva Vault, Microsoft SharePoint Cloud, Generis CARA, Lorenz Docubridge, File Systems, Dropbox and FTP.

It also supports any other system that allows Web Services API connections, such as IBM Filenet, Box, Alfresco etc.

Can I deploy DocShifter in a cloud environment?

DocShifter can be deployed anywhere: in a private, hybrid or public cloud. Furthermore, deploying DocShifter on Docker/Kubernetes allows for infinite scalability to handle peak loads. 

How about pricing?

DocShifter subscription pricing is server, volume and functionality based. To find out more about pricing, please drop us a note at

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