Why DocShifter for automating high volume content conversion?

Capturing, storing and managing information has become a burden, especially when tied to manual processes. We believe that digital information (content, documents etc.) should never become obsolete. The ever-growing information tsunami can be dealt with by automation and centralization.

Are you in need of a reliable solution to transform high volumes of documents & content?

Then you’re certainly at the right place.

  • Fast – 10x faster content and document rendering than comparable solutions

  • Platform independent – Linux, Windows, Mac or in containers (Docker). DocShifter can run everywhere.

  • Any to any conversion capabilities. DocShifter supports +300 formats (PDF, PDF/A, Word, TXT, HTML and many more.)

  • Drastically lower IT and infrastructure costs –  setting up and maintaining rendering farms, licensing costs for native rendering applications etc.

  • Connect all your systems, centralize the document and content conversion capabilities.