DocShifter | The easiest way to fast content & document conversion

Compliant Rendering

The easiest way to render your documents to submission ready PDF formats.

Automated Document Generation

Save time & money with automated document generation.

Legacy Refresh

Optimize your archive by digitizing your old or outdates archives.

Mail Converter

Easy way to convert scanned images, emails and digital files to the required format.

Long Term Digital Preservation

Convert your documents into future-proof formats for archival purposes.

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DocShifter – The Easiest Way To Fast Content Conversion

From a scale of 1 to 10, how automated and smart is your document creation & document rendition processes?

DocShifter – The Easiest Way to Automate Document Generation

Every week, your organization creates thousands of documents: standard forms, reports, Case Report Forms, Application Forms etc. Have you already automated the creation of these reports & forms ?

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Advanced rendering. Compliant rendering. High fidelity or hi-fi document rendering. There are a lot of terms out there, but what do they really mean? How can they make your life easier within Life Sciences and why should you consider having a closer look?

What does Advanced Rendering mean?

Advanced rendering. Compliant rendering. High fidelity or hi-fi…
Compliant Rendering Tool

6 good reasons why leading Life Sciences companies are rethinking their Document Rendering Solution

We have been converting divergent documents into a unified format…
Correspondence Tracking

5 steps to reduce risks from your current correspondence tracking solution

Life Sciences organizations face many challenges when tracking…
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Brought to you from Belgium, the heart of Europe, DocShifter provides compliant content transformation solutions for all your regulatory and other corporate content. Our solutions are used by life sciences, financial, aerospace and other highly regulated organisations of all sizes to drastically speed up and simplify their rendering and other related processes. It significantly reduces any associated costs while taking the complexity out of transforming and enriching content that is compliant with the end customer’s need. Email communication with external parties can also be identified, converted and stored in the correct repository, and processes further automated using REST services. Additionally, DocShifter systematizes and standardizes the generation of repetitive forms such as CRFs, invoices, etc.

When was the last time you reviewed your content transformation platforms? Think differently; think DocShifter.