DACHS Biosciences and DocShifter Partner Up to Help Life Sciences Companies Deal With the Growing Challenges Around Advanced Document Conversion

Image: Ede Faludi - CEO DACHS with Geert van Peteghem - CEO DocShifter

We are proud to announce our new partnership with DACHS to meet the growing needs for document conversion & enrichment in the Life Sciences industry.  The advanced content conversion capabilities of DocShifter combined with the expertise of DACHS in document management for pharmaceutical companies make a powerful strategic alliance. 

Image: Ede Faludi - CEO DACHS with Geert van Peteghem - CEO DocShifter

Image: Ede Faludi – CEO DACHS with Geert van Peteghem – CEO DocShifter

Aiming high with the new partnership

“Only few companies have 20+ years hands on experience in document management in Life Sciences”, states Geert Van Peteghem, CEO at DocShifter. “DACHS understands the criticality of timely submissions and knows what it takes to get it done. Their experts have extensively reviewed DocShifter functionalities, and value what these capabilities can bring to the process. The combined strengths of DACHS expertise and DocShifter make a great combination.”

“We are so excited about working together with DocShifter, as our goal is always to deliver the best available solutions and the highest quality services to our existing and future customers”, said Ede Faludi, CEO of DACHS Computing & Biosciences. “The advanced content transformation solution implemented by DocShifter is extremely efficient, reliable and well designed. The partnership between DocShifter and DACHS is a perfect fit. Together, we have a strong product presence enabling us to enter into potential new markets.”


DocShifter - DACHS Computing & Biosciences

Image: DocShifter & DACHS in DACHS Budapest Office

About DACHS Computing & Biosciences

DACHS Computing & Biosciences was incorporated in 1998 with headquarter in Basel, Switzerland. DACHS is a full-service IT company with commitment to the Life Sciences industry, providing application development and support services as well as compliant technology solutions focusing primarily on the document management, document control and submission management area while streamlining quality, clinical and regulatory processes and reducing overall costs.

DACHS already has a substantial footprint in the Life Sciences and healthcare industry serving some of the largest bio-pharmaceutical companies.

For more information about DACHS, please visit https://www.dachs.ch/