DocShifter 6.3 is rocking rendering again with new and improved functionality

DocShifter 6.3 | New Release that focuses on improved functionalities.

DocShifter 6.3 was born as a result of our development team’s hard work. This release is very special to us, not only because it adds up to industry leading rendering capabilities but also because of how it was built. 6.3 was built completely remotely, as entire team was working from home. Impressive work.

DocShifter 6.3 focuses on improving ease of use, end user communications, administration, and performance. We are happy to share the highlights with you.

Improved end user satisfaction

  • Allow for direct communication between the authors of the content and the status of their transformations. Email notifications can now be sent to the individuals that requested the rendition and/or the user that last checked the document in.
  • Improved handling of Excel, text and PDF/A based files. Defining page sizes and punctuation characters plus more automated encoding detection as well as ensuring complete accuracy to the desired PDF/A compliance level.
  • Enhanced handling of grouped bookmarks reduces the time needed in manual formatting of the results.
  • Better workflow handling of Virtual Documents where concatenated renditions are required. Integrate Virtual Document processing- which was first introduced in DocShifter 6.2.5- into your more complex workflows.

Improved administration

  • Quickly and easily view the status of all your workflows and allow for instant enabling/disabling from the workflow list. This improves the general usability in a production environment.
  • Export all your workflows at once, saving time with upgrades & migrations.
  • Easily identify which configuration parameters are mandatory, saving time when setting up new workflows.
  • Easily identify which DocShifter server (where multiple servers are in use) an email notification was sent from. Speed up your error investigation processes.

Additional improvements have been made to increase performance and handling of the huge quantities of diverse content DocShifter is expected to process on a daily basis. Please refer to the release notes available on the customer portal for full details of this exciting new release.

Stay tuned for the release of our new Table of Contents module in the coming weeks.

About DocShifter

Speed, quality, scalability, and configurability are reasons why Life Sciences organizations choose DocShifter to generate technically compliant, submission-ready PDF. High volume, high-quality document conversion, on-premises, or in the cloud. Super easy to set up. Automate. Centralize. Eliminate manual intervention. Reduce Risk. Reduce IT infrastructure costs.

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