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DocShifter is a content and document conversion solution. We convert high volumes of any digital document or content (document, images, video, audio, etc.) into any other digital format. DocShifter delivers any possible format conversion you might need in context of data and document migration, digital archiving, eCTD compliant PDF, submission management, ICH compliance, web viewing, OCR, DAM, digital sealing, capture, preservation planning, OAIS, SEC compliance etc.

These file conversions include but are not limited to: PDF, PDF/A, Word, TIFF, JPEG. DocShifter converts thousands of documents 10x faster and at higher quality than comparable solutions. Drastically reducing licencing and infrastructure costs.

How Can DocShifter Help?

Submission Ready PDF - Create Compliant PDF's for your regulatory submission. EMA, PMDA, FDA and other regulatory bodies.

Submission Ready PDF

The easiest way to render your documents to submission ready PDF formats. Set up once and create documents for FDA, PMDA, EMA and other health authorities.

Automated Document Generation - Generate documents, reports, template-based documents etc. with automated document generation

Automated Document Generation

Save time & money with automated document generation. Automate the creation of your contracts, documents, CRF’s, reports or any template-based documents etc.

Legacy Data Migration - Migrate your old and obsolete content to searchable and future proof formats. Make them accessible.

Legacy Data Migration

Migrate large volumes of content (unstructured data) to searchable and future proof formats. For example: migrate old versions of Word, Excel etc. to the latest versions.

Mail Converter - Convert emails, scanned images and other attachments to the required format. Automatically recognize incoming file formats. Easily send these to your document management or tracking systems.

Mail Converter

Convert emails, scanned images and other attachments to the required format. Automatically recognize incoming file formats. Easily send these to your document management or tracking systems.

Digital Archiving - Convert documents to PDF, PDF/A, TIFF or other archiving formats for accessibility in the future

Digital Archiving

Convert all your content (documents, images, video, audio)
 into future-proof formats such as PDF, PDF/A (the following PDF/A options: 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 2U, 3A, 3B, or 3U), TIFF or any other desired format. Protect the integrity, authenticity and readability of your content. Make DocShifter a part of your preservation planning.

Why DocShifter for Enterprise Document Conversion

  • 10x Faster rendering

  • Drastically reduce indirect Licensing Costs

  • Platform Independent: Docker (Kubernetes), Linux, Windows

  • Intuitive, web based interface for easy customization & configuration

  • Any to Any Conversion Capabilities

  • Grows with your needs: Highly Scalable

  • Integrate with all Document Management and Regulatory Information Platforms

  • Flexible and reusable workflows

DocShifter Videos

DocShifter – The Easiest Way To Fast Document Conversion

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DocShifter – The Easiest Way to Automate Document Generation

Every week, your organization creates thousands of documents: standard forms, reports, Case Report Forms, Application Forms etc. Have you already automated the creation of these reports & forms ?

What Do They Say About DocShifter?

DocShifter Customers in Production

DocShifter Customers In Production in Life Sciences and in Other Industries - DocShifter | the easiest way to document conversion

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About DocShifter

Brought to you from Belgium, the heart of Europe, DocShifter provides document conversion and content conversion solutions for your enterprise and regulatory content. Our solutions are used by Life Sciences, Banking, Insurance, Public Sector, Aerospace and other highly regulated organisations of all sizes. DocShifter drastically speeds up and simplifies document rendering and other document related processes. It reduces licencing and infrastructure costs. DocShifter makes the creation of compliant PDF easy. Email communication with external parties can be identified, converted and stored in the correct repository. Open APIs make enterprise integration possible. Additionally, DocShifter automates the generation of documents and repetitive forms such as CRFs, invoices, etc.

When was the last time you reviewed your document transformation platforms? Think differently; think DocShifter.